What I knitted in 2023

What I knitted in 2023

2023 had been the highlight of my knitting "career" (if you can call it that). I have always been a hobbyist knitter but this year, my friends have started calling me "a knitting machine"! Haha. My record was finishing a knitted project in just a week! 

Despite having an all-consuming full-time job, I spent all my waking moments outside of the office knitting or watching/listening to all things knitting-related. Through the many pieces I have knitted, my skills improved and my confidence increased, by leaps and bounds.

Looking back on all that I have knitted this year, I confess that I do feel proud of my achievements. More importantly, each piece brings back fond memories of working on the projects with fellow like-minded knitters, exchanging ideas, tempting each other with new yarns and projects. Thanks for the fun times!

And here's looking forward to more completed* knitted projects next year!

* yes, I still have a few knit projects on my needles. 


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