The Eri Sweater

The Eri Sweater

When it comes to knitting sweaters, there three main types that you can try. I loosely categorize them as:

  1. Arctic sweaters - these are those with beautiful multi-colored patterns, often favoured by the nordic knitters and reminiscent of cosy winters in the powdery snow. The fun part of knitting such sweaters is the use of different coloured yarns but it is not for those who do not like to change yarns often.
  2. Cabled sweaters - these are sweaters with intricate cables, some inspired by celtic designs. It makes the sweaters look more interesting and every sweater can look so different depending on the types and number of cables used. This type of sweater requires some concentration and generous use of stitch markers.
  3. Plain sweaters - these are the easiest sweaters to knit because you just knit in the round. I always have such a project on hand, for times when I am binge-watching Netflix, on long commutes or just waiting in queues. You just need to knit until your desired length and that's it! The fun part of such projects is the choosing of your yarn colour. It allows you to use your favourite one and stand out in holiday photos.

The Eri Sweater designed by Isabell Kraemer (@lilalu72) is a beautiful cabled sweater that I enjoyed knitting very much. I used Along Avec Anna's Double Merino in Reverie and it was such a joy to knit with this yarn. As the yarn is soft and easy to work in, I had no trouble with the various cable patterns. I like that unlike most cabled sweaters, this sweater turned out to be light and airy, suitable for our tropical climate. At the same time, the merino provided just the right amount of warmth needed. I highly recommend this sweater project to anyone who wants an elegant sweater that can look dressed up with dark pants or long skirts but casual enough with jeans.

Some technical details, in case you are interested:

Size: S

Needle used:3.75mm and 4.00mm

No. of yarns used: 9 balls (108m/50 gm)

P/S: Isabell Kraemer also designs beautiful arctic sweaters. Do check her out.  

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