Nothing like the real thing

Nothing like the real thing

I find that the challenge with an online store is that sometimes you are not sure whether a particular yarn is suitable for the project you have in mind, in terms of the feel and weight of the yarn. Other times, you dare not take a risk with a yarn brand you are not familiar with. I know the feeling because I have been there. I find that such a shopping experience can end up being self-limiting.

So, when I set up this business, one of my many ideas is to give samples of yarns to purchasers. While I have in my instagram posts, included reels of me feeling the yarn and showing the yarn from all angles, nothing beats you seeing and feeling for yourself the real thing. 

For a start, I will be sending samples of yarn for purchases above SGD35. I hope that will in a way help you decide on what yarn you would like to work with. Of course it is my dream to one day set up a physical shop so that you can see all the yarn in real life. Hopefully I will be able to achieve that with your support. 

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