My Dream is to start a Craft Shop

My Dream is to start a Craft Shop

I have always wanted to open a craft shop. One, because it gives me an excuse to buy more yarn (hehe). Two, so that I can meet fellow knitters and exchange ideas. I always get so inspired by others' knitters' projects. I can watch knitting vlogs and listen to knitting podcasts for hours on end.

In order to fulfill my dreams, i worked very hard in my day job, to earn enough money to seed the capital needed to open this craft shop. I had to learn and do everything myself - from going to yarn festivals in Europe, talking to wholesalers, setting up my own company, navigating and paying customs and building this very webshop. I have to admit that it had not been easy but yet at the same time, it was exciting. 

This passion project had been a year in the making and I know that it is only the beginning. I haven't gotten everything perfect but at least I have gotten something started. I hope that you will journey with me and support me in this labour of love. It will be fun! 

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